MacFUSE for OS X Lion

I have previously posted about using MacFuse with Snow Leopard, but if you have already upgraded to OS X Lion, you may be having trouble finding a version of FUSE to use.

Many people have commented that my Snow Leopard build works fine, but according to this thread there is a new project called OSXFUSE that picks up where MacFuse left off. The project incorporates the source code below and already supports OS X Lion natively. The project is just getting started, but a beta binary release is promised in the next few days.

I would recommend waiting for OSXFUSE.

You can find more information at the project homepage (not online yet) or find the source code on github.

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18 Responses to MacFUSE for OS X Lion

  1. Sarah says:

    I am a lion user now and ntfs3g came with mac fuse and it’s now dead. So what can I do now? I suck at compiling code. I could do that if i had to but yeah. Thanks.

  2. pardsbane says:

    Hi Marrie, If you need NTFS support right now I suggest you use my compiled version for Snow Leopard, you can find it here. It will work for now, but when OSXFUSE is released, I would switch to that.

  3. James Ford says:

    BTW, here is another MacFUSE fork called Fuse4X And as far I know Fuse4X will be merged to upstream (Linux) Fuse. So IMHO it is better to wait until then.

  4. pardsbane says:

    Yes, that is definitely an option as well. The OSXFUSE guys say that their product is MacFuse-compatible, and does not require the actual filesystem drivers to be recompiled, which I guess is required for I haven’t tried either yet, so I don’t know which is better.

  5. Brielle says:

    The version of MacFUSE here (2.1.15) seems to work as well on Lion.

  6. Derek Long says:

    Thanks Brielle, that version of MacFUSE works great on Lion!

  7. revannth says:

    MacFuse working great on Lion…Thanks for the post Dude…..

  8. Josuke says:

    Thanks Brielle! that version of MacFuse works perfectly for me!

  9. chief says:

    FYI OSXFUSE is incompatible with TrueCrypt (latest version). Pops up a message saying “TrueCrypt requires MacFUSE 1.5 or later.” I’m sure it’s an easy fix, but I am lazy.

  10. Brielle says:

    Another quick update, looks like Tuxera released a version as well, doesn’t have the debugging turned on like 2.1.15 did. Been working okay on my end for a few days now.

  11. Mike says:


    Thanks for the link to Fuse4X – ssh 2.3 for macosx it what I was looking for. Thanks!

  12. Amit Rajeshi says:

    I found these instructions how to install sshfs on Lion . It works great to me. Thanks a lot.

  13. ISH says:

    I just upgraded from SL to LION and my MacFuse isn’t mounting any NTFS drive , installed newest macfuse(tuxera) 2.2.1 but no luck !! :(

    any suggestions ?

  14. Mooncalf2012 says:

    I just did a clean install of Lion, and ran across a fuse.h file in usr/local/include/fuse/ dated dec 19 2008. This seems too old to be compatible with Lion, and i don’t think it came from any other installations. Should I nuke any fuse files this old, or leave them be? Would an upgrade of MacFuse be in order? I prefer to leave NTFS volumes such as BOOTCAMP locked, after major problems with corruption on my bootcamp build after mounting NTFS in Snow Lep OS X. My advice is leave NTFS locked and transfer files read-only from either side, or use a FAT32 formatted USB stick or external drive to manage files between OS X and Bootcamp. It may seem easier to have full r/w capability, but copying files to the Windows side could cause real problems, and I don’t know anyone who enjoys waiting for chkdsk to finish running….

  15. Juninho says:

    I just install OSXFUSE 2.3.8 on my OS X Lion to support NTFS. The OSXFUSE automatic uninstall MacFUSE before install itself. But I tried to access my NTFS external drive without success.
    I need to configure any more?
    Sorry, I’m not an expert on Mac systems.

    Any suggestions? Thanks!

  16. James Ford says:

    Here is a well-written detailed instruction how to set-up NTFS-3G on Lion. My preferred way to install it via MacPorts (although there are more options)

  17. martin says:

    macfuse has been abandonedn since 2008. check out osxfuse instead

  18. I’m using Lion and had download MacFuse-2.1.15 and it works fine with my old HDD in NTFS format. For your information. I’m very happy

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