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How To use the Java mDNS Wrapper

A few days ago I posted an article about my wrapper API which unifies the mDNSResponder and JmDNS packages behind a single interface, but I neglected to provide usage examples or a usage guide. I’ll try and correct that now. … Continue reading

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A JmDNS / mDNSResponder Zeroconf Compatibility Interface

My company has given me permission to release a Java Zeroconf API. The advantage of this API is that it allows the application to select which implementing library to use at runtime, and eases developer work implementing mDNS / DNS-SD. … Continue reading

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mDNSResponder / GCC 4.1 / Ubuntu Problem persists

A while back I reported on an obscure problem when compiling applications against the dnssd library that comes with Apple’s mDNSResponder. This post is just to report that these problems persist in mDNSResponder 108.4. As I reported before, here is … Continue reading

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